How Much Does Football Equipment Cost?


If you’re planning to buy football equipment for your child, you need to find out how much it costs. Some kids can afford the best equipment available, while others will have to settle for shoddy equipment. Using data from the the right software website, we compared the costs of different football gear.

Chin straps

Chin straps are an important piece of football equipment, allowing players to protect their chin from forcible contact. Since they were first required by the National Football League in 1976, the use of chin straps has been associated with a reduction in the number of concussions and other head injuries. While they may not be as comfortable as a helmet, a chin strap is necessary for the safety of a football player. Many football helmets come with chin straps, but you can also buy cheap ones from places like Under Armour for less than $20.

Chin straps come in different designs. High hook-up ones are secured to a snap button located above the facemask, while low hook-up ones are attached to a snap button beneath the earhole. Regardless of how you attach the chin strap, be sure to choose one that is comfortable and durable. Chin straps should also come with a warranty covering the cost of replacement or repair if they’re defective or broken. Some manufacturers don’t offer warranty, so it’s important to check the details of the chin strap you choose.

Rib protectors

When it comes to football rib protectors, you’ll want to buy a quality product that will last for years. These rib protectors will cover the ribs and lower back area of your body, and they will come with straps for easy adjustments. They will fit underneath standard football padding and uniforms.

Another thing you’ll want to look for when purchasing football rib protectors is a warranty. While you may not need a lengthy warranty, many people want the peace of mind that comes with a warranty. If something breaks or stops working after a few months or years, a warranty will protect your investment. However, it’s important to look for a two-year warranty, as any less is not necessarily a good sign. You can also look for reviews on online review sites to ensure you’re buying a quality product.

Riddell football helmets

Riddell is a well-known manufacturer of football helmets. It introduced a new helmet design in 2002, the Riddell Revolution, in response to a study about concussions. It soon became popular, with players such as Brady Quinn and Eli Manning using it on the field. The company also produces youth helmets.

Riddell football helmets can cost anywhere from $100 to over $1,200, depending on the model. The Riddell Speedflex Youth helmet, for example, costs around $250. It comes with PSIP technology, a flexible liner, and an All-points quick-release system. This helmet is designed to provide superior protection and is especially useful for younger players.


K-Balls are expensive, but they’re also very rare. They cost between $60 and $150 each. You can buy them at Nike or on Amazon. However, you need to keep them clean to avoid damage to the surface of the ball. Whether you’re playing for fun or for a living, K-balls will make a huge difference in the game.

Unlike traditional football training equipment, K-balls are slicker and harder than regular footballs. In the NFL, K-balls are used for kickoffs. They’re also harder to kick than a regular football, making them easier to direct. They’re usually kept on a sideline separate from the other balls and shadowed by a team’s ball boys. Although K-balls are not required in lower leagues, you might want to get a pair if you plan on kicking for a living.

Flak jackets

Football equipment can range in price from as little as $8 for a wristband to as much as $505 for shoulder pads. Prices can increase significantly based on position, so a defensive back’s pads may be considerably more expensive than an offensive guard’s. Purchasing custom-made pads can also add to the price. If you’re looking for a unique football helmet or a helmet with specific features, you can find a variety of options online for under $200.

In order to play football, you need to buy protective gear like a helmet, shoulder pads, knee and thigh pads, mouth guard, jockstrap, and football. In addition, you’ll need training gear like blocking pads, cleats, and other items to improve your agility. These pieces of training  equipment can cost anywhere from $300 to $400 for a youth football player.

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