20 Reasons Why Homebuyers Won’t Buy your House

Do have a plan to sell your house? If so, go through our checklist and start selling. Buyers and home inspectors will notice all the maintenance issues, so it’s better to make all the upgrades including repairing a cracked window, caulk in the master bathroom, etc. Consult with a local real estate agent and find out what features the buyers are expecting in their area and try to fix it.

Some reasons why homebuyers won’t buy your house,

Poor security: It may be due to old/worn-out locks, doors, and windows, or the absence of a home security alarm.

Small room sizes: In small rooms, you can’t store much but with the home staging techniques you can make it look larger.

Damp stains: It looks unpleasant and causes a foul smell. Call a professional to make sure you don’t have a big damp issue

Poor broadband connectivity: If your home is located in an area where the broadband connectivity is slow, it could be a mess.

Messy/ Dirty house: If your house looks unpleasant or unclean the buyers will skip it.

Bad DIY: Bad DIY can affect the look of your house. Hire a professional to make the job done right.

Old wiring: As a seller, you have to make all the electrical repairs and market the property, otherwise no one will buy a home with old wiring& electrical.

Clutter: Keep the storage clean and don’t stuff too many clothes or household items.

Bad smell: Clean the dishwasher, damp, and even paint to stay free from bad smells.

Rundown fixtures& fittings: Any kind of run-down fixtures & fittings should be replaced.

Lack of storage: Storage space is a big plus for any home, but smaller houses don’t have much space.

Small kitchens: If your home has a small kitchen the buyers will avoid buying it. You can do some changes like finding a place for a washing machine, etc.

Outdated boiler or central heating: Try to change it before selling it.

Dark rooms with poor light: If the room is dark without a glowing light, the buyer will not like it. Add mirrors opposite to windows.

Low energy efficient rating: It will lead to high utility bills and nobody want that.

Lack of double glazing windows: This will increase the energy bills and lead to poor security

Repairs: Be sure to fix all the repairs like broken furniture or torn carpets before showing the house to the buyer.

Sign of pets: Not every buyer will like to have pets so remove such kinds of things from the house.

No garden: Some will love to spend time in the garden. If there’s no space for a garden it may affect the overall house price

Illegal home improvements: Buyers go back out of the sale if you do this.

Poor curb appeal: Curb appeal should be attractive, if not the buyers may not be convinced to buy the house.

Swimming pools: These require a lot of maintenance and repairs. So running a pool needs more time & cost.

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