Religious Liberty

How we are working for religious liberty:

* By defending the freedom to have, or not to have, a personal religious belief; to maintain, to adopt, or to change one's religion or personal belief.

* By guarding the freedom to practice one's religious beliefs in private, in public, or in association with others whether in worship, in practice, in teaching, or in evangelistic dissemination.

* By arousing public opinion and gaining public support for religious liberty, the fundamental right which undergirds all human rights.

* By encouraging the concept of separation of church and state, and defending the church's ability to act without state interference.

* By upholding the principle of the free exercise of religion and opposing any private or government encroachment that tends to inhibit this principle.

* By taking action to eliminate religious discrimination in both public and private employment.

* By educating the public and government representatives through all appropriate means, including publications and media presentations, promoting awareness of the threats to principles of religious liberty.

* By supporting and aiding in the defense of religious rights and privileges.

* By engaging in research and education promoting religious freedom.



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