Church Ministries

Adventurer/Pathfinder Club - Rose and Sal Brecino
Shana Naranjo
Worldwide SDA oranizations of young people, Pathfinders and Adventures offer age appropriate activies that include: games, nature exploration, camping, field trips, community service projects, crafts, and spiritual development.

Children's Church - Patty Marruffo
This happy, vibrant worship service brings Jesus into the hearts and minds of our children age 0 to 13.

Connecting@GGSDA - JoAnne Wall
Striving to ensure that every visitor, attending non-member, and member experiences a taste of heaven at GGSDA that leaves them confident that they are loved and valued by its people, certain that God is a God of grace all of the time, and yearning to have a part in growing a flourishing, world-class church that God can use to draw people from all over Orange county to Him.

Community Services Josh Tameifuna
Addresses the needs of low-income families and individuals in our community.

Contagious Christianity - John Koch
Shares core beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through outreach events relevant to the community's spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs.

Contemporary ThoughtJoAnne Wall

Family Life
Nurtures strong family relationships through spiritual, educational, and social programs.

Filipino Fellowship - Ed Carceler
Wonderful times of sharing good food, good company, and God’s Word.

Goldenaires (50+) - Helen Sneed
Adults over the age of 50 come together for lunch and fellowship.

Health & Wellness - John Cole
Fosters the education of and the overall positive health of the greater Orange County community and the medically underserved in our global community.

Performing Arts - Tom Neslund
Our talented group of performers, set creators, and play writers make that “old, old story” fresh and real to our daily lives in both our worship services and programs for our Orange County community.

Religious Liberty - Marianna Maukovich

Spanish Fellowship - Yolanda Leon
Enjoy a rich camaraderie through studying the Bible together each Sabbath and regularly sharing Sabbath afternoons of good food and affable fellowship.

Serving Our World Thomas Neslund
Growing God’s family through meaningful help for our Orange county neighbors and global friends.  A multitude of projects to make our OC community a safer and more nurturing place and ongoing mission trips to foster the spiritual and physical health of our global friends through evangelistic meetings, medical ministries, and projects to build schools, churches, orphanages, etc..  We also help countries with special needs fund local ministries and the special needs of their communities throughout the world.

Social CommitteeJosh Tameifuna or
Two absolutely awesome events with vibrant food, music, and entertainment each year.

Vacation Bible SchoolShana Naranjo and Denise Naranjo, Co-directors
An epic adventure awaits Garden Grove children at this free, one-week Vacation Bible School packed with incredible games, fun crafts, surprising adventures, joyous music, and new friends each summer.

Vietnamese Fellowship- Isaiah Duong
A Sabbath afternoon program with music, prayer and inspiring scriptural thought.

Women's Ministry - Carol Maxwell
The activities offered by Women's Ministry provide the opportunity for sisterly friendship, fellowship, and worship.


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