Connecting@GGSDA Ministry

 JoAnne Wall

 Connecting@GGSDA Goals

1.   To ensure every visitor, attending non-member, and member is warmly welcomed, directed/shown to Sabbath School classes, and encouraged to attend events and participate in ministries.

2.   To foster new member integration into the church family and active participation in the church ministries through relationship building and personal encouragement.

  1. To develop strong information sharing through Concierges; effective signage and banners; Elevenses (Sabbath mid-morning refreshments), All-Ministry Faires, Patio Events, and New Member Potluck and Townhall; distributing brochures, invitations, and other written materials; and developing an awesome website.
  2. To cultivate a welcoming and loving grace-filled church culture where people of every ethnicity and age can most fully love and serve both Christ and our Orange County community through modeling Christ-centered hospitality and servant attitudes.


Why Concierges

The dictionary defines Concierge as a French word meaning “gatekeeper” or “keeper of the keys”. The position has its origins going back to ancient France where the royal household employed a Concierge whose job it was to see the various needs of guests and to essentially “keep the keys” to the many castle rooms.  In modern times, throughout the world many organizations—civic, entertainment, residential, academic, and medical entities as well as hotels and businesses—have long found that having Concierges with a servant-attitude has been richly rewarding in terms of guest, member, and employee retention and satisfaction.

With this rich heritage of Conciergeship in mind, Connecting@GGSDA Concierges embrace this ancient tradition of hospitality in the hopes of fostering a truly organic servant-attitude that will inoculate each Connecting member with a binding sense of personal ownership for nourishing GGSDA’s unique spirit, integrity, and identity necessary to help garner the serious staying power that can ensure the sustainability of a flourishing, world-class church that God can use in Revelation times.

Connecting@GGSDA Ministry