We invite you to visit OC Grace / GGSDA! It is a blessing to have you visit our website, and we hope that you find what you are looking for spiritually here!  Hundreds of us from Orange County checked out OC Grace and stopped looking for a church family!  Each of us has fallen completely in love with this place . . . maybe you will too!  Come visit, and if you see what we see, think about stepping over the line and joining a group of people who love being part of a church that:


• is not afraid to ask the hard questions

• is dedicated to nurturing children, youth, and young adults

• has creative worship services that are never boring

• has more than 30 separate ministries

• sends 75 to 100+-person mission teams each year to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Tonga, and the Philippines


OC Grace / GGSDA has been a distinct congregation in Orange County, California for over a hundred years, but we do not want to be here another hundred years!  We are a growing, flourishing church that shares a compelling picture of God through: inspiring worship services, an excellent facility, and a community alive with members who cannot wait to see each other again every week!  We want to be a church that God can use to draw people from all over Orange County to Him.  OC Grace / GGSDA has a dream of being the best ACTS 2, God-honoring, prevailing world-class church in Orange County!